nuevo LovelyFilets in Paté

nuevo super-premium Pouch

nuevo super-premium guaranteed:

  • no artificial colors

  • no attractants

  • no artificial flavorings

  • no preservatives

  • no reformed meat

  • no bone meal

For dogs

nuevo is the perfect dietary solution developed to meet the specific nutritional needs of your dog and is enriched with high-performance nutrients.

Dogs are carnivores and love fresh meat. nuevo contains a lot of meat, as well as high quality offals such as hearts, livers, and tripe for a natural flavour.

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nuevo super-premium

nuevo offers the solutions for the specific feeding requirements of your dog and is enriched with high performance nutrients. The range is tailored to the needs of your pet from JUNIOR to SENIOR and will lead your dog through a healthy, active and long life.
complete food for dogs
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nuevo sensitive

nuevo sensitive is especially developed for dogs with sensitive digestion and a sensitive stomach. The recipes contain only one selected protein source which is suitable for dogs with protein intolerances.
complete food for dogs