LovelyFilets in Paté Multipack

nuevo LovelyFilets in Paté are made of highest quality filet from Chicken, Turkey or Salmon. The recipes are combined with all vitamins & minerals your cat needs to provide a perfect complete daily meal. Our multipack offers your cat a perfect selection for every day.

  • 2x Chicken Filet with Salmon & Carrots
  • 2x Salmon Filet with Turkey & Watercress
  • 2x Turkey Filet with Tuna & Catnip

  • high acceptance
  • gluten free
  • grain free
  • made in Germany
  • 6x85g

complete food for cats

Feeding recommendations

Weight Amount
till 3 kg ca. 2 x 85 g
3-4 kg ca. 3 x 85 g
6-7 kg ca. 4 x 85 g

nuevo super-premium guaranteed:

  • no artificial colors

  • no attractants

  • no artificial flavorings

  • no preservatives

  • no reformed meat

  • no bone meal